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Coach AL with kettlebell

I never felt like this was another diet. Actually I didnt have to change anything at the beginning, just eat a bit slower 🙂 But after 8-weeks and some super valuable lessons i was down two pants sizes and fit into my favorite jeans I hadnt worn for ages. Just like he said i would. The best was that my husband always ask if I really was on a diet, “no, i am not” I said 😉


Sales Executive, Mom of 2

I am not gonna lie, this journey was really something. What i really enjoyed was that there is a spectrum on which this all moves along and none of that “do this” “Don’t do this”. The result surprisingly didn’t wait for long. Why surprisingly? Because we always think this has to be a restrictive diet to work and show result, this just wasn’t the case here! I dropped three sizes and never felt deprived of anything.


Daycare Wizard, mom of 1

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