Forever Fit Body Blueprint

F2B2 is for everyone who wants to earn that Fit Body yet isn’t afraid to go and get it while learning how to never lose it again!

It’s time to upgrade your health, take the body you’ve always wanted, and say “goodbye dieting” forever.

F2B2 Program

Forever Fit Body Blueprint

What got you HERE Won’t get you THERE

Because.. …if you do nearly everything the same…every day…same food… same…lifestlye same…choice …when it comes to your health, fitness and nutrition you feel like every choice gets you into trouble …You feel like you are in a never-ending battle to stay fit and enjoy a healthy lifestyle (even when life gets in the way)

To make things worse, it doesn’t help that…

… you are not a 100% happy with the way you look … you are more stressed and busy than ever before in life … Your Health just isn’t a priority right now … you know what you should do, you just dont do it

Hi, I’m Coach AL

I have been living my passion for fitness, food and fasting all my life and started this blog in 2012 to help others do the same. 

My focus is with busy professionals, athletes and all chronic dieters who want improve their health, live life with plenty energy and perform on every stage and plain. 

As a busy professional, former athlete and a family man with two jobs I understand just to well the strain this kind of life brings with itself. This gives me a unique understand of where my clients are and how to get them to the otherside.

The truth is, it’s not easy to find the best way on how to look like your 20 year old self, have energy like a kid and perform day in and out in all areas of your life. 

This is the reason I started YOUR PAL fitness | food | fasting.

I will teach you all my tipps and tricks on how to achieve all your dreams around fitness, food and fasting. 

And FOREVER means forever because this isnt a diet. This is YOUR blueprint to own your health, your life and your look. PROMISE

Forever Fit Body Blueprint

What’s Included?


I can provide you with a wide range of exercise programs to account for different needs. Just getting starte, injured or looking to gain some muscle? I got you covered with 28 different programs.


You are not alone in this – you have the power of the #HiBearNation! behind you. Many BEARS you have been there before you and are eager to help and support.


Experience what it feels like to have complex food questions broken down into small and understandable practices. You will own all the habits that will last you a lifetime. 


We’ll start with you — your life, needs, and goals. Then we’ll develop a personalized plan to help you eat, move, and live better — in a way that fits into your real, everyday life.


Learn how to hit that “Switch off” button for all things that are just making your life one huge stressful affair.


Easy, convenient and relevant cheatshets to take with you and get a better understanding on how to use those habits and strategies in real life.

Forever Fit Body Blueprint





Together we change your life – forever!


The most advanced “habit change” software on the market. This is sorta like having me there tapping you on the shoulder with subtle reminders about important stuff 

Complete meal planning, so all the guesswork about your nutrition is removed 

A powerful support systeMm– a community really – of people just like you to answer questions or exchange ideas with 

World-class accountability 

Oh, and a 100% guarantee of success (Yes, you read that one correctly. See below) 

And for those of you who LOVE motivation. A shot at a HUGE cash prize for the most amazing transformation.

Forever Fit Body Blueprint


Travel BEAR

Travel BEAR

Int. Project Manager

Thanks to his coaching i have every confidence in the world that in making the right decisions for my health, body and mind.

Soccer BEAR

Soccer BEAR

Key Account Manager

I got stronger and „leaner“ at the same time! Just perfect – minimal training, a host of great habits and his coaching. Awesome!

Balanced BEAR

Balanced BEAR

Int. Account Managerin

The greatest thing for me is that it doesnt feel like i am dieting. The system is totally easy to live and sustain even with my busy job. I am no longer fixated on food. Life is beautiful!



IT Programmer

I still can’t believe that so little training and some new habits transformed my live that immensly. (Winner Transformation 2017)

Forever Fit Body Blueprint

Your Investment

Your Pricing Package depends on how much support you need from me.

Therefore your experience with fitness, food and fasting play a large part in the decision which package is the best for you.

NOTE: It all starts with a phone call!

I want to be CERTAIN you are a great fit for the Forever Fit Body Blueprint (I don’t just take anyone… for the record).

It is for free, confidential and without obligation

Just click the button and schedule a quick call

Forever Fit Body Blueprint




Physio Therapist

No matter what life threw at me, together with coach, we weathered the storm. He always had exactly the right things to say at the right time. Whenever I was fed up he knew how to get me back on track and i am so glad he did. This program is nothing short of life changing and i am glad I could do it with Coach.
Spartana BEAR

Spartana BEAR

Sales Manager

I started strong into the program with amazing results but at the end it wasn’t for me – yet. Coach is one great guy and after discussing my challenges (with the program and life) we decided to go another route. I know F2B2 will be my salvation just not now even though I was impressed, amazed and stoked about the content and how it worked.
Gaucho BEAR

Gaucho BEAR

Support Wizard

Full Discloser: I haven’t finished the program. My life was just changing so much at the time that i fell faster of the wagon than i expected. Maybe after 6 month i thought I had it all figured out. COACH though, instead of just giving up he ask a bunch of questions and transfered me to another program. That is the kind of guy he is. Solution oriented, always there for his bears and looking to create win-win-wins.
Running PANDA

Running PANDA

Owner Dog Grooming Studio

Having to only concentrate 10 minutes a day for the program was a god sent. I am constantly busy in my business and have no time for the headaches other programs bring. The F2B2 was different because i learned the habits that make the difference to me and keep me full of energy, eating reasonably and understand what to focus on and what not. It is something special to have a coach like him!

Forever Fit Body Blueprint

Monthly Mastermind

Every plan has access to this option. Forever Fit Bod Blueprint – Mastermind is held once a month – online. The idea is to share what you are struggling with and get direct answers from me. The setup is simple:

Education: The first 15-minutes I will coach you on some of the intricacies of the current habit.

Q&A: the following 45-minutes is open floor for questions.

This is a once in a lifetime chance to learn from the mistakes and questions of others. Lets face it, you wont live long enough to make all those mistakes yourself. Use this community to your benefit. Win-Win for all 😉

Forever Fit Body Blueprint

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the right coaching for me?
The ProCoach curriculum works well for clients interested in:

  • eating better
  • looking better
  • feeling better
  • improving their health
  • losing body fat and
  • experiencing body recomposition.

However it’s not designed to teach clients how to eat for maximal muscle gain, maximal strength gain, or specific sports performance goals. This is what i am for to help you understand how this program can even be used for this.

Is this a diet?
No, this is an nutrition agnostic program that doesn’t care what you currently are vegetarian, pescatarian, carb eater, meat eater. It will teach you the basic about nutrition and how you can intuitively eat and enjoy YOUR foods and still look your dream without a diet program.
That is too expensive but I would love to do it. What do you propose we can do about this?
I totally understand where you coming from and I take this serious. We can implement a payment plan or you try the free guides on the homepage until you saved the money. It is not really about the money than rather about you investing in yourself and your motivation to bring something to the table. Many think they can just throw money at a problem and than its fixed… i can rarely coach people with this mindset to lasting success.
Why would I choose an online coach?
Your time is limited and you are stressed enough as it is. As an online coaching I meet you exactly where you are and when you want basically. No need to switch gyms, change location or drive five miles to meet me. Another huge benefit is the possiblity to meet me basically 24/7 online. In order to find a coach you combines what i am doing in fitness, food and fasting you probably would have to book 3 different ones.
Who is it NOT for?
This coaching is probably not for you if:

  • You are a bodybuilder or physique athlete
  • You are preparing for a specific competition or event
  • You are a elite competitors already in great shape
  • You are looking for a short and defined period of time

This program delivers healthy eating and lifestyle habits over the course of a full year. So it’s not tailored to elite-athlete or physique-competitor needs. Plus, the program is about progressively building habits over a longer period of time to promote confidence and sustainability. So, if you generally are looking for short/defined periods of diet coaching, it’s probably not a good fit.

What experience do I need?
If you can update facebook, chew your food and breah you can use ProCoach. You only need a basic knowledge of how to use a computer and your email for everyday tasks.
What results can I expect?
Precision Nutrition writes off their experience on their Homepage: “In our Precision Nutrition Coaching program clients average around 15 pounds of fat loss in the first 6 months. That’s at least 3 times as effective as exercise coaching alone. Interestingly, our coaching is 100 percent online. Our clients get those results without ever meeting us in person. Here’s something even more interesting: If clients work with an exercise coach or trainer, in person, while doing Precision Nutrition Coaching, they lose closer to 25 pounds of fat in 6 months on average. That’s over 4 times as effective as exercise alone. So think about that for a second. If you’re a trainer, by using ProCoach in conjunction with your training services, you might be able to get better results than we can.”
What is my time investment?
You have to check your TODAY PAGE every day and complete the small lesson which takes approximately 15 Minutes. Every two weeks there will be a update task for measurement and such and the new habit lesson for that period. All four weeks its picture time and progress report update – tops 15 minutes. That is it!
How long do I have access to the course?
For as long as you plan on staying alive. I would prefer if you do not share the course with anyone as that could result in removal if I catch you.
Are there any additional costs?
Absolutely NOT. What you see is what you get and because you are part of YOUR PALS – L.I.F.E Coaching I will even discuss with you your Fitness needs and start you off with a Training Regimen. BUT this is predominately an education in Nutrition and not Fitness e.g. Strength Training Principles, Yoga poses, Home workout.

Forever Fit Body Blueprint


Veggie BEAR

Veggie BEAR

IT Project Manager

As a vegetarian I was a bit sceptical at the start but it truly is diet agnostic. I still learned a lot about nutrition, recovery, sleep patterns and stress management. So glad coach was part of this journey and supported my choices.


Head of Recruitment

Minimal Time investment with huge outcome and benefit. This is truly life-changing and something for every busy professional who still looks to get the body of his life.



I never had the feeling that this was just to much you know? I have a job, hobbies and a certain lifestyle. But the program never interfered with that. The Change was just that easy.



The thing about this program is that you do not have to incorporate everything it teaches into your life. For me half of the habits made all the difference in the world and I am glad I did this.

Forever Fit Body Blueprint

Content & Course

On Boarding: 1-3 Days

Coaching Call
We have a phone conversation and together evaluate if this is a fit for you. Once we have an agreement and understanding of what it is that you get I will start the next step.
Evaluation and Feedback
Lets have a breather and I evaluate what program makes sense for you and forward all the information and await your feedback.
Choosing your Package
Once you have decided what it is that you need and chosen your package I will discuss it with you if I agree and move to the next step – payment and program start.
Collecting Info
This is the initial stage where you will fill out some documents so that I will have all the information to create the plan and start you on the right path. This is all done online so no worries. This shouldnt take you longer than max. 1 hour.
Start The Plan
Once I have all the information and did some magic on the backend side we are ready to roll and start your new life. Welcome in the HiBEARnation and lets rock and roll.

Program: 50 Weeks

There is a bi-weekly assessment component build into the program. Every 2 Weeks measurements and every other 2 Weeks pictures as well. This will take you roughly 5 minutes in the morning. No stress 🙂
Daily Lessons
Monday through Friday you will get lessons directly linked to the habit of the week. These will help you understand, implement and rock those habits. Saturdays are more for reflection and measurments and Sundays are off.
Every two weeks you will start a new habit – all in all roughly 21. These are the most important habits of those people you know who stay in shape all year long. Yup, no magick just good ol´ habits. And you will rock them because we use something called habit stacking and it will make all the difference in your life. You will see, promise!!!
I am here for you in any way the coach can be. Feedback in lesson, conversation, mastermind – all depends on your package but I am hear and you will know how to reach out and get me getting you some of that good old motivaiton. But no worries i am supplementing this even without you asking for it together with a hand full of accountability you know you need.

Graduation: 1 Day

Next Steps
You will never walk alone again. At the graduation day you will get a document which outlines exactly how to stay on track and what to do once you feel a bit of sliding “back”. If that is not enough, you are a BEAR FOR LIFE and our HiBEARnation group will be there to support you.
Paying it forward would be nice and if you felt this was something anybody you know would need, want or could benefit off just let us work on a testimonial you would love. Any shape and form.
Contest & Prize Money
Yes, you heard that correctly. Everybody who finishes this program gets the chance to be entered into a early contest by precision nutrition into one of 8 categories by their coach. If you get voted top of your class of all clients worldwide you will receive 1´000 Dollars prize money!!!! Ah, yeah by the way I did win this before so you are in the best hands 😉


Be Part of Something



Forever Fit Body Blueprint

Your Investment

Your Pricing Package depends on the intensity of my coaching.


However your experience with fitness, food and fasting play a large part

in the decision which package is the best for you.


NOTE: It all starts with a phone call!


I want to be CERTAIN you are a great fit for

the Forever Fit Body Blueprint (I don’t just take anyone… for the record).


It is for free, confidential and without obligation


Just click the button and schedule a quick call

F2B2 Program

Hidden Advantages

Strength = Confidence

You will be stronger than ever, more fit and even smarter. You exercise like a pro and know exactly how to move, what which way. Your confidence will be through the roof with your new abilities to take care of business. You will never again fall for bro-science and waste time in the gym.

Loving Food again

You are like Fonzi now around food. How is he? Cool! You know exactly when to eat, what and how much. Want to splurge for once? No biggie, you know how to get back on track. You dont stress about Carbs or Fat and certainly know your proteins. You LOVE FOOD again!

Fasting = Focused

IF or intermittend fasting will be your new friend and secret weapon. You heard all about it but here you learn how to do it the right way. The benefits are ample but what about stop stressing about food, new found focus and clarity, and the time saving. The best of all, you dont have to, but you can if you want. What a great world.

Fit Bod = Freedom

You are healthy, have improved energy and perform like you are 20 again. You have a Fit Bod and know its forever. People ask what you changed and are amazed at what you tell them. You are a king of habits and have learnt to appreciate the slow process.


Is NOT for everyone!

You have no patience

This is a one year programm with the proven focus on teaching nutrtional and life habits. There is a curriculum to that and change can’t be rushes. So if you are not patient and want to always put a “rush” on things. This is NOT for YOU.

Athletes, Bodybuilders or figure competitors

Due to the nature of this coaching being one year you don’t seem to be a fit. The purpose of going it slow and teaching those habits is to intuitively eating, improved energy etc. which all seems to be hard when you focus on a competition within the next month. Hey no hard feelings and nothing but love. Just call me when the competition is over.

You don't have the "time"

You will have to make time for this coaching. Albeit its only roughly 15 Minutes a day, but this time has to be put in. If you think this is going to work without you putting it first, right after family, we are not going to be successfull.

You don't like to listen and know better

Are you the type who always knows better and lets people know? Than we are not a fit. It is in the nature of things to refuse to change a bit and this program will shake your core believes about many things. But if you can’t be reasoned with and flat out refuse to listen to the voice of reason.. well, there are other awesome coaches out there 🙂

Forever Fit Body Blueprint

My Guarantee

I am committed to your success! So here is my 100% Guarantee.

If you join forces with me in this program, see it through until the end and

DO NOT achieve the goals we set for you, I will (rightfully so) give you back 100% of you money, every penny.

(I can also guarantee no other program will make you this promise!)

You show up and do the work you get your money back. No questions asked!

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